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Isla Echague is committed to positively impacting the community and environment. In alignment with this commitment, we focus on three pillars for creating shared value - youth, safety and environmental protection,  and community development. 

Isla Echague promotes youth empowerment and development through sponsoring events and activities that create safe spaces for young people to learn about and fulfill responsibilities to others and to the environment.

Our other initiatives include but not limited to partnering with local NGOs and organizations to train the community to be the first responders if a need arises, tree planting, activities or events that help preserve the local culture and heritage of Palawan. All of the events and activities appeal to diverse ages, abilities, cultures, and economic backgrounds. Isla Echague also conducts and sponsors outreach programs that aim to empower and enrich the local communities of El Nido.

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Our Programs

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A community outreach that provides help to local communities of El Nido through food donations and feeding programs.

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A tree planting activity that is open to all the visitors who are willing to plant a tree in the property.

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Health and wellness programs supported or initiated by Isla Echague

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Sponsored art and cultural programs and events

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Sponsored search and rescue trainings in the community

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KommuniClean & Green

Environmental programs and sustainability initiatives

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