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Experience Isla Echague

Water   Activities


  • Enjoy swimming in our 3kms frontage facing the west Philippine sea with 8 attractive beaches you can own for a day!

  • Rate: Free of charge


  • Experience fishing with locals, and taste your catch straight from our smoking grill.  Bisugo is a regular catch in the area. No illegal fishing is allowed. Only fishing rods permitted by law must be used. 

  • Rate: ₱ 500/pax; Minimum of 4 pax.
    All in with snacks (about 3 hrs);


  • Indulge in the colorful and rich underwater views of corral reef through snorkeling. Our private beaches with sightings of green turtles if your lucky enough for a day is waiting for you.

  • Rate: Free of charge


  • Enjoy kayaking from one beach to another in just a few minutes. Experience your own paradise in our 8 private beaches with kubo2x for your convenient resting.

  • Rate: ₱ 100 / hr

Sunset Cruise

  • Watch the sunset up close. Rent our boat to cruise the islands and experience sunset at its best!

  • Rate: P 1000 / pax; With 2 beers and Mani ni Onie peanut; Location is at the rear seaside of Isla Echague

Scuba diving

  • Try scuba diving with our professional divers in our neighboring islands. Experience the best dive spots in El Nido. You'll never forget that moment!

  • Can be arranged with Isla Echague travel bookings 

Land   Activities

Cashew fruit picking

  • Love cashew nuts or its juicy fruit? It's cashew season and Isla Echague offers cashew picking activity for you to experience and enjoy! Cashew fruits come in different colors and sizes. Have fun picking your favorite color.  Try also its grilled nuts. The tastiest way to satisfy your taste buds! Experience cashew fruit picking at Isla Echague. It's unique!

  • Rate: Free of charge

Cashew Park Tour

  • There's nothing more satisfying than walking under the shades of Cashew trees. The beautifully-landscaped of 500 trees in the middle of the forest exhales the much-needed oxygen for our mind and body. The peace and quiet while sitting on the benches is truly a treat! 

    Experience a Cashew Park Tour at Isla Echague. It's not your ordinary walk in the park.

  • Rate: Free of charge

Sunset Watching

  • Experience our daily special at Isla Echague- the Best Sunset experience! GUARANTEED.  

    Be charmed by the sun's timeless beauty as you watch it slowly fading away to the Pacific horizon leaving you with a joyful heart for an extraordinary experience. 

  • Rate: Free of charge

Outdoor Games

  • Isla Echague has the best, the eco-friendly and safest place for you to enjoy outdoor games and activities.  You are welcome to play and get sweat in all our outdoor game facilities available.

  • Rate: Free of charge; In designated areas only


  • Enjoy a once in a lifetime hiking experience along the beautiful cliff of Isla Echague overlooking the west Philippine sea's dramatic scenery of wide blue waters. An hour hiking with a guide is an energy booster and a stress reliever for our tired muscles and mind. 

  • Rate: ₱ 500/pax ; Minimum of 5 pax.


  • Enjoy Camping experience with bonfire and stargazing opportunities at night. Enjoy the embrace of the Pacific wind as it touches your body till you drop to a sound sleep. Experience the silence of the evening and the flickering spark from the firewood as you sip your favorite hot chocolate or tea and maybe humming a country song under the stars. That's what Isla Echague offers.

  • Rate: ₱ 2000/pax ; With 2D1N stay in Isla Echague

Forest Bathing

  •  A Japanese practice beneficial for your inner body is something you should try in Isla Echague. A guided tour inside the forest will lead you to a forest water reservoir where you can experience the healing power of nature invisibly removing all toxic inside your body. 

  • Rate: ₱ 500/pax ; Minimum of 5 pax.

Private Dining

  • Let us set you up a romantic exclusive dinner by the beach while enjoying the beautiful sunset. Whether you wish to propose a ring, throw a birthday surprise, or just simply wanted to make your dinner an extra special one, your wish is our command. Experience a personalized private dinner by the beach with the magnificent sunset as your backdrop,  only at Isla Echague. 

  • Please ask our front desk for assistance.


  • Be a nature warrior, let your stay be significant. Plant a tree and we will take good care of it. How wonderful it would feel to get reunited with your own tree after a year or so? That sounds fantastic, right? Not only that, we will name that tree after you and send you a picture as it grows! This project is our way of protecting and nurturing Isla Echague and we love you to join us in this advocacy

  • Rate: ₱ 500/plant
  • Community-based project  


  • Check if you have a green thumb. Join our gardener in keeping our Home beautiful and flowerful. Just coordinate with our manager, and we will arrange how you can experience Gardening in Isla Echague. 
  • Rate: ₱ 500/row
  • Community-based project  

Nearby Island and Mangrove Tour

  • Experience different tours by going to unexplored nearby islands. These unnamed islands offer incomparable beauty. Meet some locals along the way and embrace a paradise of their own.

  • Rate: ₱ 1000/pax

Team building

  • Get in touch with our front desk or sales and marketing team for complete price and details ;

  • Transportation, food, and water included


  • Embrace the beauty of the night with a bonfire as our light.  We offer acoustic singers upon request to make your experience more memorable and unforgettable. If you feel like you wanna try a night swimming while enjoying the bonfire, it's a wonderful experience you can add to your bucket list.

  • Rate: Free of charge


  • Enjoy grilling and serving fresh fish or meat to your loved ones. Let your kids experience grilling something for you, teach them by joining in our ihawan place. Juicy and tasty food straight from the smoking grill. It must be good!

  • Rate: ₱ 250 / kilo

Tent Rental

  • No need to bring your tent, we got you covered. We have enough for all your needs.

  • Rate: ₱ 250 / tent

Carabao Riding

  • Isla Echague gives you a truly Filipino native experience and the province ambiance as you enjoy the carabao ride around the resort. A very rare activity that you and your family can engage with. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the moment! 

  • Free of charge
  • Carabao tour guide; with a Karosa (a pull cart) attached to the carabao to accommodate 1-2 persons
  • Rate: Free of charge


  •  A must-do in Isla Echague, enjoy the walk inside the forest and stay overnight to the highest peak of Isla Echague.  A two-day and one-night experience comes with a trained guide and experienced helpers. Breathtaking views await you on the top!
  • Rate: ₱ 500/pax; Minimum of 6 pax.



  •  Experience camping on another level. Our 10 spacious Glamping facilities have the best sunset views that will surely make your stay unique and different from the rest. For families or peers, or just couples, this one is for you. Our two-story native houses are designed to have a local probinsya look.
  • Rate: ₱ 3000/pax ; Minimum of 6 pax.

  • With 2D1N stay in Isla Echague; With 3 meals included (breakfast, lunch,  and dinner) 



  •  Book your private beach and have it exclusively for you to explore and enjoy for a day or two. Swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities are available. If you want to read your favorite book or be lazy, we have hammocks ready for you. Experience a lazy day at Isla Echague and let us do the work for you.

Rock Climbing


  • Amateurs or professionals alike are welcome to set a schedule to experience this adventure. Your safety is our priority, this activity is supervised by professionals.


Common Area

Beach Front Area

Panahome Guest House

Mini Restaurant


Vegetable Garden Area

Flower Garden Area


Cashew Park

Forest Park


Transportation Rates

Boat Transfer with Entrance

2 to 5 pax
6 to 10 pax
11 to 15 pax
16 to 20 pax
₱ 1000 / pax
₱ 800 / pax
₱ 600 / pax
₱ 500 / pax

Speed Boat Rate

3 to 5 pax
6 to 10 pax
₱ 1500 / pax
₱ 1300 / pax

* Regular trip for the Day Tour: Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
* Take-off point: Islandfront Cottages and Restaurant, Brgy. Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan
* Departure time: 9:00 AM (from Islandfront to Isla Echague)
                               6:30 PM (from Isla Echague to Islandfront)
* For boat transfers, there is a 15-min waiting period prior to take-off. In the event that you'll be late, kindly notify the management for atleast 24 hrs.

Find your way to your tropical paradise

There are 3 ways to access Isla Echague: 

  • Lio Airport

    This is the nearest airport to the island. If you are visiting from outside Palawan, a daily flight to this airport is available. 

  • San Vicente Airport
    Guests from San Vicente Airport require a leisurely 2-hour transfer by land to reach Islandfront Resort in El Nido, the jump-off point to access Isla Echague.  

  • Puerto Princesa City International Airport

    Guests from San Vicente Airport require a leisurely 5-7 hour transfer by land to reach Islandfront Resort in El Nido, the jump-off point to access Isla Echague. 

    Isla Echague offers an airport transfer to and from Islandfront Resort upon request, one week prior to arrival or departure.

Speedboat Transfer

From Islandfront resort in Barangay Corong-Corong, our private speed boat and our regular motor boat awaits to ferry you across the scenic beauty of the Island of El Nido to Isla Echague in just under an hour. This round-trip boat transfer is included in each tour package that we are offering. Services and schedules might change depending on the weather and the vehicles' availability.

Check with your airline companies about the health protocols and other travel policies. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can't wait to welcome you!


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Sitio Dibangan, Brgy. Bebeladan,
El Nido, Palawan
5313 Philippines

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